The Mindful Warrior

“To open deeply, as genuine spiritual life requires, we need tremendous courage & strength, a kind of warrior spirit." -----Jack Kornfield


We offer Mindful Warrior Training and the Journey of the Mindful Warrior. Both programs allow you to reshape your body, control your mind and find your voice. True transformation requires an embodied experience. Are you ready?

Mindful Warrior Training is a 2-hour experiential workshop

This workshop is designed to give you the skills to move from habitual mental, physical and verbal patterns of reaction to centered responses. Discover how to release the grip of these habitual tendencies and shift into a new way of being that is more resilient and fluid.

During this training you will:

  • Develop the capacity to remain relaxed and focused in tense situations
  • Learn to speak your mind without creating resistance or hostility
  • Change from a pattern of knee-jerk reactions to a more conscious response
  • Enhance your skills for empathic connection
  • Create a greater sense of centered presence through somatic practices
  • Engage in exercises that uncover your voice creating both physical and emotional balance 

The Journey of the Mindful Warrior is a weekend retreat

Mindful Warrior training teaches you to move from reaction to centered response. Once you have developed this response-ability, the journey home to the truth of your being begins.

If you have outgrown your mediocre life and are ready to embrace your potential and live your authentic life purpose, then this immersion experience is for you.

During this all-inclusive event that includes lodging and meals, you will:

  • Learn how to anchor yourself to your limitless potential instead of your limiting past
  • Experience somatic and energetic exercises that create empowered beliefs for manifestation
  • Learn techniques that will clear foreign energy and control of others from your kinesphere
  • Practice body-mind-voice techniques to master your internal dialogue and become architect of your life path
  • Learn processes that neutralize trauma (include Soul Link™)
  • Discover life lessons associated with your major emotional reactions to life and re-write programs no longer serving you
  • Learn about the new biology and science of epigenetics and how it contributes to your personal transformation and growth
  • Receive one-on-one and group coaching that will leave you with a plan of action to resolve a current conflict (for example, a situation in a relationship, within yourself, or at work)
  • Create a morning and evening routine that will fit into your schedule and ensure you are integrating simple but effective mindfulness practices (including breathwork and meditation) that will keep you centered when you leave the retreat
  • Understand how to change your thought and language patterns such that you can living the life you were meant to live (e.g., healing health conditions, reducing/eliminating chronic pain, manifesting a partner, creating a career that is aligned with your life purpose, etc.)
  • Reawaken the part of yourself that is wise and capable of clear and powerful embodied action

If you would like to organize a personalized training or retreat for your business or organization, contact us at: [email protected]

"I would definitely recommend this training to those on a path of self-awareness and interested in a powerful healing modality that is kinesthetic and energizing. I came away from the day learning how to use exercises in dealing with every day stressors. I have had the experience of compassion fatigue in facets of my personal and professional experiences and this work is a supportive human experience that you can feel in your whole body and strength using your physical self and clearing your mind with breathing exercises. It felt very powerful and grounding. This knowledge can help heal our world."

Senior Enrollment Advisor

"I just did the Mindful Warrior Training for the first time. I came in stressed and am leaving relaxed and stress-free. I really enjoyed it recommend it! "

Moe P.
Business Owner

"All ages could benefit from these classes. One lesson takes us off the rail of opposition and physically change our perspective 180° without caving into the wants, needs or desires of our opponent. The result is allowing a meeting of the minds and an opportunity for peaceful compromise. You are physically repositioned to see it from another point of view. A change in mindset, control and perspective you can use in your daily life immediately. I highly recommend these classes."

Wendy C.

"I didn’t know what to expect, but am very happy I came! I left feeling peaceful, happy, light, and relaxed. I am looking forward to using what I learned every day. "

Tina W.

"My favorite part was the resistance practice and working with the swords. I learned how to follow the flow and not go against it; how to keep myself centered. For people who are into self-development, I recommend this class. "

Jimmy I.
Deskside Support Analyst

"Thank you for teaching me a new point of view, as well as how to have a new viewing point. My favorite exercise was the resistance example. A big take away for me was recognizing that for too long I’ve been projecting my own ideas/assumptions on my children, instead of allowing myself to be open to their own thoughts and ideas. "

Desi C.
Thai Yoga Practitioner

"I found the training very interesting and relaxing. It was a good experience – going inside to find more experiences of self. "

Lee F.

"I really enjoyed the interaction with others in class - the collective, shared experience. It was a great and peaceful experience. I recommend it to anybody. "

Brian W.

"The training helped me see a different perspective on conflict. I enjoyed the exercise that showed me how to meet and transform resistance. "

Katie P.

"My favorite part was using the swords to understand how to create space and have a boundary. This training helped me to understand how to stay centered and grounded so that I can better cope with conflict in everyday life situations. This is a very important skill that needs to be practiced so we can reap the benefits. Thank you!"

Melissa I.
Software Development Engineer

"This class has taught me to not let others or any type of conflict effect me negatively AND how to be mindful of others and their points of view, too. I also am learning how to let things go so I don’t carry other’s issues with me. "

Martha R.

"The chanting actually eased my lower back pain, which eased my mind and allowed me to relax. I learned new ways to deal with stress. "

Vangie R.

"It was very interesting to see concepts I was already studying used in a physical manner to learn how to better to integrate them into my life. Very thoughtful and inspiring!"

Aaron H.

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