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Mindful Child Series

The 'Mindful Child' class series uses the platform of Aikido, a non-violent Martial Art, integrated with Yoga practice, Mindfulness Meditation and Socioemotional learning to teach resilience building and self-regulation skills to your child.

Children grow up in a fast paced, complex world that creates a high demand for their attention. Learning to remain centered and responsive in times of challenge empowers your child to make smart decisions, gain greater self-control and navigate the academic and social decisions of life with greater ease.

No prior experience with Aikido necessary and practice attire not required. 

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"My son and I were students of Sensei Moylan for about three years in his family dojo. My son, Harris, was 10 when we started, and he was having significant development issues. He has made enormous strides since, and we believe that Moylan's aki-seeds dojo was a very significant factor. Not only has Harris become competent in a difficult martial discipline, he learned focus, respect, mindfulness and persistence in a supporting, structured environment. We will always be grateful for what he learned from Moylan."

F. Michael Adkins
EQ Coach for Executives and Clinical Hypnotherapist

"When a friend and his daughter invited us to their Akido class, I had reservations about whether my daughter would like it, or benefit from the class. I imagined a class packed full of children chopping aggressively and kicking at one another. I imagined a loud coach leading the exercises. We went anyway, to see what it was really like. Was I ever wrong! The studio was immaculately clean, and a friendly man greeted us as we entered. He introduced himself as Moylan, a calm and poised instructor, originally from Ireland. When the lesson began, the children began some quiet stretches in unison. Dance-like footwork practice began, and it became clear that Moylan is a very patient and kind person. He didn’t bring any aggressive energy into the lesson at all. He stopped a number of times to describe to the children that the movements they were learning had analogies in real life. For instance, a person can deliberately move away from a physical attack —but more importantly, relationally, a person can perform a similar balanced maneuver when someone seems to be in conflict with them. The physical movement was analogous to the mental work needed to empathize and redirect in daily life. He explained these things using daily life scenarios. This is a class tailored to living in real-life with real interpersonal challenges. The kids loved it! The exercises were not so aggressive, but fun, promoting a feeling of partnership and physical challenge. There was rolling, running, jumping and a kind of tag game that they love. My daughter loves going to Aikido for all of the fun, and the challenging environment that grows with her. I highly recommend the Aikido program, The Mindful Child, offered by Moylan Ryan. Your child will love it and learn a lot more than simple Aikido exercises. "

Melanie LeGendre



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