Heather Frederick, PhD

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

--Nikola Tesla

I believe if people really understood the impact of their vibration on their experience of reality, they would be motivated to take responsibly for transmuting and harnessing this power.

My work focuses on bringing people from feelings of overwhelm and disillusionment to loving the life they are in and moving through it with ease and grace. In short: I assist people in reverse engineering their happiness.

When I left my high-stress life in Higher Education to discover my life purpose, I experienced the profound impact of yoga (in particular Kundalini and Aerial) and sound (specifically the use of my voice through sounding practices) to the transformation of my mind. It was then I becomes inspired to create practices that give people the ability to come home to themselves by channeling the power of their energetic field.

Energy flows where attention goes. 

InBodied Mindfulness consulting, workshops, seminars, and courses support positive transformation in the arenas of Parenting, Relationships, Education and Business.


  • PhD in Psychology, Brandeis University
  • Professor & Research Methodologist
  • Co-Founder: Expand Your Happy! Movement
  • Energy Psychologist (Certified Restoration Therapist)
  • Wellness & Leadership Consultant
  • Aikido Student & Yoga Teacher in Training

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