“Given the choice, a body will choose ease over dis–ease.”

--Ida Rolf

Structural Integration Sessions

A series of ten systematic sessions that include fascial manipulation, mindbody awareness and dialogue focusing on improving posture, flexibility and mindset.

Sessions are 60 minutes in length.

Overview of the 10 sessions

  1. 'Inspiration' - Theme is living an Inspired life. Focus is on rib cage and muscles of respiration.
  2. 'Taking a Stand in Life' - Theme is establishing self support and an autonomous directional compass in life. Focus is on aligning feet with lower legs, creating ease in movement.
  3. 'Reaching your Potential' -Theme is giving and receiving, creating assertive boundaries, reaching goals. Focus is on relieving tension in the arms, shoulders and sides of the torso.
  4. 'Yielding to your Greatness' -Theme is releasing what you're holding inside. Focus is on the inside of the legs from the ankles to the pelvic floor.
  5. 'Trusting your Gut' - Theme is developing your emotional intelligence; trusting how you feel. Focus is on the abdomen, the hip flexors and the deep seated Psoas muscle.
  6. 'Holding Back' - Theme is how tension in the bodymind limits your ability to move forward in life. Focus is on bringing symmetrical balance to the pelvic structure.
  7. 'Unmasking your Authentic Self' - Theme is liberating your true identity from conditioned perceptions. Focus is on fascia of the head, neck and face.

8, 9 & 10 'Integration Towards Harmony' - Theme is to access an empowering flow of embodied thought, feeling and wisdom. To allow full self expression to radiate through the vehicle of your body. Focus is on creating harmonious movement in fascial sheaths as they relate to one another, preventing the return of tension and stress to the bodymind.


$130 - 1 hour session 

10 Session Series paid in advance: $1,100 ($200 savings)

Note: Rolfing and Rolfer are service marks of the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration

Appointments available at:    WellSpring Holistic Health, 430 W. Warner Road Tempe, AZ 85284

To book a session contact our team at: [email protected]

or Call: 602-308-9394

"Moylan was recommended to me by a physical therapist who had transferred to the Cubs from the Diamond Backs in Arizona. We worked together in the off-season to help relieve restrictions in my shoulder as a result of an earlier injury. Each session helped introduce greater range of motion and return mobility to my shoulder. His sessions were very helpful in contributing towards my recovery. "

Nate Shirholtz
Chicago Cubs

"I first met Moylan when he was working with our team during spring training at the Talking Stick arena. I saw how much improvement his approach was able to bring to the performance of my fellow players. I decided to through a series of Rolfing sessions and Movement Education that helped me experience a greater range of motion and ease in my performance as a professional player."

Aaron Hill
Arizona Diamondbacks

"I contacted Moylan 8 years after my initial Rolfing sessions with him due to acute neck pain which left me unable to function. I knew I needed a Healer...not an MD. The pain was off the scale and he gave me an appointment the next day. Moylan is a very gifted and knowledgeable Healer and after just 2 sessions I am functioning again. I am deeply grateful for his expertise and his education regarding maintaining a healthy mind...body and soul. He is amazing! Thank you Moylan! "

Theresa Y.

"I was looking for a Rolfing "ten series" and connected with Moylan. He does a lot more modalities and is very integrated. I was pleased at the explanations and questions before each session. I was very pleased as parts of my body relaxed and unwound. I am very impressed with Moylan's knowledge of the body and thankful for having him as my Rolfer. I've already recommended him to a few friends who've asked. "

Tony W.

"I had heard about rolfing but had never experienced it until now. It's a pretty amazing type of therapy, in my opinion. The theory is to work the connective muscle fibers and soft tissue to re-engage areas and parts of your body that may be out of alignment. I have felt amazing since walking out of my session yesterday and will be back soon. Moylan is a calming, intelligent and overall fascinatingly interesting guy who will work wonders on you if you approach it with an open mind. Highly recommend!!!! "

Todd P.

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