Don't Miss our Next Event! Manifesting OR Maintaining a Loving Relationship

Wherever you are, and whomever you are with (or without), one thing is certain: It is your energy that creates your experience of reality and the great news is that YOU can learn how to master the energy it takes to create the relationship you desire.

Weekend Immersion Retreat

Friday, July 19th - Sunday, July 21st

Experience a profound breakthrough, or your ticket price refunded!

Are you ready to cut away everything that separates you from yourself or others?

Fusing the latest research in the fields of Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Somatic Therapy, Non Violent Communication, Sound Healing, Epigenetics, and Energy Psychology with practices from the arts of Aikido and Yoga, you will learn to go within so you can stop living without.

This event includes:

  • A 20-minute coaching call prior to the event to help identify your primary goal for the retreat
  • Over 8 hours of experiential learning – that focuses on integrating body, mind and voice for a truly transformative experience
  • 60-minutes of individual coaching post the retreat to ensure all you learned is being applied in your life appropriately

During your time at the luxurious Mountain Shadows Resort, you will:

  • Learn techniques to clear energy no longer serving you, freeing you to love unconditionally
  • Experience and learn Soul Link™, a hand-on technique that will neutralize your most traumatic memories
  • Practice energy tools that will get you through any challenging situation
  • Learn somatic practices that allow you to move through space from a place of non judgement
  • Erase programs given to you as a child and replace them with ones that will allow you to heal and move you forward during a hypnotherapeutic guided meditation
  • Experiment with movement, breath, mediation, and voice techniques, finding methods that work best for you
  • Create an individualized (short!) daily routine (that includes your body, mind and voice) to continually support your transformation

***Workshop is limited to 8 attendees to ensure individualized support ***

Are you ready for the journey of reconnection, home to you? Click on ticket links for full agenda.

Before you purchase your ticket(s), we want you to understand that this weekend is NOT about trying to fix your partner nor will you be invited to share past events/traumas (in this sense, the weekend is "content-free"). The weekend is focused on the SELF and learning how to take responsibility for the reality you experience. 

Ticket for a (not for long) single Payment plans available; email us: [email protected] 

Ticket for a couple (NOTE: If you are coupled, but only one of you can attend the event, purchase the single ticket using the link above...and YES, it is worth coming alone - while it would be great to have you both, the weekend will impact you AND the relationship). Payment plans available; email us: [email protected]

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Injoy Living.

Have you read books, attended workshops, and listened to podcasts, leaving you with an abundance of knowledge, but with little or no felt change in your life?

True transformation requires an embodied experience.  

InBodied Mindfulness recognizes the key to successful, sustainable change requires a collaborative relationship between the body, the mind and the voice that results in both cognitive and physiological change, reconnecting you to your life purpose.

InBodied Mindfulness is a lifestyle that empowers you to Master life through practices that transform habitual physical, mental and verbal reactions into centered responses.

If you are ready to move away from fragmentation, separation, and alienation, into symmetry, synchronicity and oneness of living, InBodied Mindfulness can take you there.

Reclaim sovereignty: 

Reshape your BODY. Master your MIND. Find your VOICE.


Take A Stand

Unwind the story of resistance in your fascia. Develop somatic alignment and integrated resilience; a posture that powerfully supports a vision of who you are called to be. 

Control Your Thoughts

Thoughts become beliefs; these beliefs negatively or positively influence the expression of your genes. Learn neuroplasticity hacks and enhance your emotional intelligence so you can master your mind.


Speak Your Truth

Find your internal and external voice. Tap into the healing power of your unique vocal resonance. Master non violent communication skills allowing you to find creative solutions for resolution.  

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