Educate. Integrate. Liberate.

Have you read books, attended workshops, and listened to podcasts, leaving you with an abundance of knowledge, but with little or no felt change in your life?

True transformation requires an embodied experience.  

Aligning with your life purpose requires a collaborative relationship between body, mind and voice that results in postural, cognitive and physiological change.

InBodied Mindfulness is an empowered practice that transforms limiting habitual postural, mental and verbal patterns.

Ready to move into symmetry, synchronicity and oneness of living?

InBodied Mindfulness can take you there.

Reclaim sovereignty: 

Reshape your BODY. Master your MIND. Find your VOICE.


Stand Smarter

Understand the role of fascia and how it shapes your body (and your life). Develop a posture that powerfully supports a vision of who you are called to be. 

Be in Charge of Your Thoughts

Learn methods that move you beyond the limits of old beliefs. Create a thinking that supports an attitude of success. 


Find Your Voice

Discover the healing power of your unique vocal resonance. Use sound to allow for the expression of your authentic self.

Let us teach you a practice that will change your life.

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