Calm. Balanced. Fulfilled.

Have you read books, attended workshops, and listened to podcasts, leaving you with an abundance of knowledge, but with little or no felt change in your life?

True transformation requires an embodied experience.  

Inbodied Mindfulness recognizes the key to successful, sustainable change requires a collaborative relationship between the body, the voice and the mind.

Inbodied Mindfulness contributes to both cognitive and physiological change, reconnecting you to your life purpose.

If you are ready to move away from fragmentation, separation, and alienation, into symmetry, synchronicity and oneness of living, Inbodied Mindfulness can take you there.

Create and embrace empowered choice in your living:

Use your body and your voice to change your mind.

Take A Stand

Unwind the story of resistance in your fascia. Develop somatic alignment and integrated resilience; a posture that powerfully supports a vision of who you are called to be. 

Control Your Thoughts

Thoughts become beliefs; these beliefs negatively or positively influence the expression of your genes. Learn neuroplasticity hacks and enhance your emotional intelligence so you can master your mind.


Speak Your Truth

Find your internal and external voice. Tap into the healing power of your unique vocal resonance. Master non violent communication skills allowing you to find creative solutions for resolution.  

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