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From Stress to Success

June 22nd, Mountain Shadows Resort

Learn to Live Within and Stop Living Without

Stressed out? Tired of being tired? Worry that you aren’t living your life purpose? Feel like you still haven’t quite mastered this “manifestation” stuff?

Have you read books, attended workshops, and listened to podcasts, leaving you with an abundance of knowledge, but with little change in your life? Ready to discover the story living inside you and become empowered to write a new one?

 True transformation requires an embodied experience.

Our unique summer series unifies the body, mind and voice by recognizing that in order to call in the life of your dreams you must RESHAPE your body, CONTROL your mind, and FIND your voice.

Each session will give you the opportunity to:

Transform your body, mind and voice

Develop a sense of who you are and what you want

Connect with yourself and your Soul Tribe

If you sense deep yearning for something different…if you are ready to step into the role of author of your life story, join us for Session 2: Moving from Stress to Success on June 22nd at Mountain Shadows Resort.

Your ticket for this ALL-DAY event will include:

  • Yoga that focuses on opening up your heart, releasing energy not serving you, and making space for what you intend to manifest.
  • Experiential Somatic Training that teaches you how to shed the burden of the unexpressed life as you unwind the tension in your body and release trauma allowing fluid motion and the unrestricted flow of energy.
  • Somatic Sounding Mediation that assists you with finding your voice and calming that monkey mind.
  • A Self-Discovery Session that will pinpointing the root cause of your stress, allowing you to release it as you discover your purpose and call in the success waiting for you.
  • Aerial Yoga will help you learn where you hold fear in your body and release it, making room for more joy (this session is optional and spaces are limited; please reserve your space by calling/texting Heather at: 949.441.6217). 
  • Valet Parking and Resort Fee giving you access to the pool, steam room/sauna and locker room.
  • Access to a Private FACEBOOK group for attendees ONLY where you can connect with your new tribe and get both support and accountability for using the tools you learned once you leave for the day.


9:00-10:00am – Check in (grab a juice, iced coffee/tea with the facilitators and other attendees)

10:30-12:30pmYoga and Experiential Somatic Training

12:30-3:30pmIntegration time / Pool time/ Lunch on your own

3:30-4:00pm– Somatic Sounding Meditation

4:00-4:30pm – Aerial Yoga (call Heather to reserve your space 949.441.6217)

4:30-5:30pm - Self-Discovery Session: Release Stress as you Discover Your Life Purpose

5:30-8:00 pm (but you won’t want to leave!)Integration time /Spa Time/ Pool Time/ Dinner on your own/Take in the sunset 

Note: For this event, meals will be on your own. Hearth 61 and a Juice Bar are on the Resort Grounds. Rooms are available - we encourage you to stay!! We have arranged for a special rate ($94/night!). Call: 1.877.587.6981 and mention “The Summer of Manifestation".

Purchase your ticket here: June 22nd Event



Injoy Living.

Have you read books, attended workshops, and listened to podcasts, leaving you with an abundance of knowledge, but with little or no felt change in your life?

True transformation requires an embodied experience.  

InBodied Mindfulness recognizes the key to successful, sustainable change requires a collaborative relationship between the body, the mind and the voice that results in both cognitive and physiological change, reconnecting you to your life purpose.

InBodied Mindfulness is a lifestyle that empowers you to Master life through practices that transform habitual physical, mental and verbal reactions into centered responses.

If you are ready to move away from fragmentation, separation, and alienation, into symmetry, synchronicity and oneness of living, InBodied Mindfulness can take you there.

Reclaim sovereignty: 

Reshape your BODY. Master your MIND. Find your VOICE.


Take A Stand

Unwind the story of resistance in your fascia. Develop somatic alignment and integrated resilience; a posture that powerfully supports a vision of who you are called to be. 

Control Your Thoughts

Thoughts become beliefs; these beliefs negatively or positively influence the expression of your genes. Learn neuroplasticity hacks and enhance your emotional intelligence so you can master your mind.


Speak Your Truth

Find your internal and external voice. Tap into the healing power of your unique vocal resonance. Master non violent communication skills allowing you to find creative solutions for resolution.  

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